The Big Lad in the Windmill (1986)

Songs are short and melody is pop, but sound is symphonic and  multimodal.

Masterpiece of progressive hard pop.


Once around the world (1988) 

Masterpiece of progressive hard pop. Pop like melody and chorus is enjoyable. Sound is symphonic and  multimodal.


Eat me in St. Louis (1989)

Last studio album of 1st generation of It Bites. Guitar sound is featured, and symphonic sound by keyboard is weakened.

Not prog rock but ordinary hard rock.


When the lights go down (2007)

Live recording of reunited It Bites featuring new guitarist and vocalist John Michel in 2006.

Masterpieces are selected from three studio albums with energetic sound. Especially, voice of John Michel is very good.


The tall ships (2008)

First album of 2nd generation of It Bites. Sound is more powerful and dynamic than 1st generation. Contrast of hard rock and gentle ballade is outstanding.


It's live (2010)

Live recording in Japan in 2009 (2CD).

Voltage of the band and audience is high since first song. Set list is best selection from 1st generation and The Tall Ships.


Map of the Past (2012)

Concept album which describe love, passion, jealousy, anger, reglet, and lost of a man lived in oldtime England.

Dramatic and symphonic songs are included.



Live in Tokyo

Live footage of 1st generation in Japan in 1989. Song selection and performance are perfect.

Presence of Fransis Dunary is impressive.



Picture (2005)

Project band with John Michael, John Beck, Bob Dalton, and bassist of Marillion. It can be called proto type of 2nd generation It Bites.

First song is prog hard rock with speedy sound. Rest songs are prog pop like Asia or 90125 Yes.

Very enjoyable album.

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