The kick inside (1977)

Witchy mysterious atmosphere is felt from whole of the album. Colorful songs are included. Very enjoyable.

Eccentric songs which are heard in 3rd or 4th albums are not included.


Lionheart (1978)

This album Includes calm, gentle and beautiful songs. However, mysterious atmosphere diluted and less interesting than former album.

Good as healing music.


Never for ever (1980)

Awakening of her talent after joining recording session of Peter Gabriel's third album. She got freedom. Various type of songs are included.

Quality of each song and composition of album are perfect. This is masterpiece in her career.


The dreaming (1982)

Eccentric album featuring African rhythm. Brightness and beauty vanished. Although fascinating songs are includes in later half of the album, I feel short of fun after listening ethnic songs.

Good album for expert of prog rock, but too eccentric for beginner.


The hounds of love (1985)

Different type of songs are included in anterior half (A-side of LP) and later half of the album (B-side of LP). Former included ordinary rock music. Later includes suite like mysterious fascinating songs which can be called real prog rock.


The whole story (1986)

Compilation album with songs selected from past albums.

It is good as showcase. However, I don't recommend compilation album, because I believe "She completes artistic production in each album"



The sensual world (1989)

Because many guest musicians attended the recording, variety of songs are increased. But, song order has no trend, I feel this album excursive.


The red shoes (1993)

Sound quality of each song is excellent with energy. However, song order has no trend, I feel this album excursive and noisy. I think this album would be her masterpiece if song order has changed.


Aerial (2005)

This album released after 12 years' silence (2CD).

Calm and gentle songs are included. Impact of songs is low. Good as healing music.





Director's cut (2011)

Rerecording of some songs included Sensual World and Red Shoes.

3CD set with this album, Sensual World and Red Shoes is also available.


50 words for snow (2011)

Very calm and gentle songs are included. You may feel this album boredom at first time. But after you listen the album over and over, you may understand charm of the album.

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