SMPTe (2000)

First album of super group consisted with Roine Stolt (guitar of The Flower Kings), Neil Morse (keyboard and vocal of Spock's Beard), Pete Trewavas (bass of Marillion), and Mike Portnoy (drum of Dream Theater).

This album includes 30 muinites suite All of the Above



Live in America

Live recording after release of SMPTe (2CD) in 2000. Including Genesis's Firth of Fifth along with all songs from SMPTe.

DVD is also available.


Bridge across forever (2001)

Including 3 suites (2 songs are over 25 minutes and 1 song is 14 minutes).

Duel with the Devil is condensation of charm of Spock's Beard, The Flower Kings and Dream Theater. Pop-like melody of vocal part is caressive. Instrumental part is prog hard rock with contrast of calm and intensity.


Live in Europe (2003)

Live recording after release of Bridge across forever in 2001 (2CD). Including four 30 minutes prog rock suites.

DVD is also available.



Whirlwind (2009)

2CD set. First CD includes 80 minutes 12 part suite Whirlwind. Various type of songs are included: symphonic sound,  mysterious song, ballade, hard prog rock and etc. It's extravaganza!

Second CD includes short original songs and cover version of songs of Genesis and Beatles.

DVD set included video of recording session is available.


Whirld tour 2010

3CD which contains concert in London in 2010.

Over 3 hours concert with 6 songs, including Whole set of The Whirlwind.

Set with DVD is also available.


Kaleidoscope (2014)

Includes 25 minites suite and 32 miniutes suits. Short songs are performed between these songs.

25 minutes song is symphonic and dramatical one overwhelmed by their technique.

Short songs are folk-like or quiet ones which are contrast with hard long suites.



Building the bridge & live in America

2 DVD set including documentary of recording session of Bridge across forever and live footage of 2000.



Live in Europe

Live footage in Holland in 2001.

Song selection and performance are perfect. We are overwhelmed by their incredible technique. Very enjoyable video. 

Bonus DVD includes cover version of Pink Floyd's Shine on You Crazy Diamond.



Whirld Tour 2010: Live in London

Live footage in London in 2010 (2 DVD+3 CD set).

Only 6 songs are included, but it takes 3 hours. Including whole of the suite The Whirlwind, 5 songs from past albums (3 songs are 30 minutes suite).

Song selection, performance, quality of sound and image are perfect.


More never is enough

3CD+2DVD set includes concert of Whirld Tour.

CD contains concert in U.K. and DVD contains concert in Holland.






Live footage from concert of Kaleidoscope Tour.

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